Methodology for SKOCH Samavesh Award

We at SKOCH, strive to maintain a level of integrity and confidence for all the nominees and awardees. SKOCH Award Methodology as is follows:

Step 1. Well performing projects and interventions are submitted.

Step 2. Nominations measured from - Prism of Outcomes; Corporate Performance; Value to Customers and Shareholders; Compliances, and Contributions to the Country.

Step 3. First round of vetting and shortlisting is done by our research analysts.

Step 4. Shortlisted nominations go through an exhaustive evaluation by a Jury of three domain experts.

Step 5. Overall impact is measured for new initiatives, whereas ongoing initiatives are evaluated on incremental improvements.

Step 6. At the same time a peer evaluation is carried out by those doing similar nominations.

Step 7. Based on an average score, a cut off is decided and a second shortlist derived.

Step 8. Select field research is done to evaluate the impact.

Step 9. These nominations are put to a popular vote by stakeholders.

Step 10. Based on the cut-off, nominations qualify for semi-final SKOCH Order of Merit.

Step 11. Merit Listed nominations garner expert votes through exhibition and live polls to get an eventual score.

Step 12. Each nomination therefore gets a comprehensive score. Total of these decide organisation level and nomination level performances.

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